Is it possible to continue Intermittent Fasting while quarantined?

Yes. Yes. Yes. The I.F. lifestyle is all about self control (as is almost anything these days). When we were mandated to stay home and our college kids (VERY BIG KIDS LOL) were required to complete this semester at home, my first thought was…uh oh….But guess what…??? That thought came in one ear and went out the other. As I have often stated throughout this journey, I eat and I eat what I like but ONLY during my eating window, I control my portions and when I am full or NOT HUNGRY…I don’t eat at that time. So stay with it friends!!!!

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As a nurse of 26 years, health has always been important to me. After having my son weight catapulted to nearly 300 pounds. A little over 2 years later, I was insulted by someone (being called a "Big Black Bear" in front of SEVERAL people); humiliation is an understatement! Anyway over several years I loss and maintained over 150 pounds presently INTERMITTENT FASTING LIFESTYLE!

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