3rd Year Intermittent Fasting

It is amazing to really sit back and think about how far I have come. Not only regarding my weight but my lifestyle as a whole. It makes me wonder, would I still be the confident “me” that I am at this moment, had I not made the changes in my eating pattern? Or would I still be considered OBESE, lacking confidence, had I not found what works for me? The sad truth is, probably so. You see I tried to lose weight many ways for over 20 years and guess what….I did, only to gain it back again after stopping the supplements, diet pills, or classes. I.F. for me has not only transformed my body but my mind as well. I’m not restricting myself, I’m just very well disciplined now as is my body. I often share my story but nearly as much as before. You see the first few months when I dropped so MUCH weight…I wanted the world to know and to understand how much sense it made…. I soon realized(after smart remarks) this victory did not belong to the world, but to me. Will I continue to share my story and give tips? ABSOLUTELY!!! But I will not be offended by the naysayers. It’s been almost 3 years, therefore it’s not just a fad for me….it’s a lifestyle! #B2BT

Signed: No Longer A Big Black Bear!


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As a nurse of 26 years, health has always been important to me. After having my son weight catapulted to nearly 300 pounds. A little over 2 years later, I was insulted by someone (being called a "Big Black Bear" in front of SEVERAL people); humiliation is an understatement! Anyway over several years I loss and maintained over 150 pounds presently INTERMITTENT FASTING LIFESTYLE!

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