Beware of ANYTHING that contains High Fructose Corn Syrup!

Almost Everything!!!High fructose corn syrup***has crept into more of our foods over the last few decades. Compared with regular sugar, it’s cheaper and sweeter, and is more quickly absorbed into your body. But eating too much high fructose corn syrup can lead to ****insulin resistance, obesity, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure****This is anotherContinue reading “Beware of ANYTHING that contains High Fructose Corn Syrup!”

Intermittent Fasting Pros and Cons!

Good Evening, I just wanted to share a few “PROS AND CONS” of Intermittent Fasting, which is now my “normal routine”. I often ask myself, should I call it something else???? (because people are quick to judge you) But of course I would never:)…. I will continue to encourage anyone that wants to listen… andContinue reading “Intermittent Fasting Pros and Cons!”

3rd Year Intermittent Fasting

It is amazing to really sit back and think about how far I have come. Not only regarding my weight but my lifestyle as a whole. It makes me wonder, would I still be the confident “me” that I am at this moment, had I not made the changes in my eating pattern? Or wouldContinue reading “3rd Year Intermittent Fasting”

Is it possible to continue Intermittent Fasting while quarantined?

Yes. Yes. Yes. The I.F. lifestyle is all about self control (as is almost anything these days). When we were mandated to stay home and our college kids (VERY BIG KIDS LOL) were required to complete this semester at home, my first thought was…uh oh….But guess what…??? That thought came in one ear and wentContinue reading “Is it possible to continue Intermittent Fasting while quarantined?”

Intermittent Fasting is Not a Diet

Contrary to what many may say, Intermittent Fasting (I.F) is NOT a diet. It is a change in your eating pattern, specifically “the time you eat and the time you don’t eat”. People often think that, you must eat, even when you are not hungry. Not only that, we have been taught to eat 5Continue reading “Intermittent Fasting is Not a Diet”